Erik’s book
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Check out my husband’s book:  Revenge Through Landscaping


And a new site:  My Feral Cats

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Will I ever get used to blogging?  I blog sporadically, when I remember, and when I have time.  Those two things rarely happen together, so blogging is not a habit of mine yet. 

I have only three more days of school, then I have four finals that end May 13th, and then I will be done with my second year of law school!  I have a bunch of classes all picked out that I want to take in the fall, but my registration time slot is second from last so I am not sure I’ll get the classes I want.  Particularly, I want the Youth Advocacy Clinc, where you get to Rule 9 for kids in detention centers.  It only has 12 slots and I’m afraid I won’t get in.  🙁 

Tonight Hilary and I are going to the Social Justice Film Festival to see Mr. Big, the movie about the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s sting operation against Glenn “Sebastian” Burns and Atif Rafay.  They are having a reception folling the movie and the filmmaker, Tiffany Burns (Sabastian’s sister) will do a Q&A after the film shows.

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A final in February
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Well I was supposed to travel down to Vancouver, WA to spend the weekend with my mother-in-law, but she became sick yesterday and asked us to put our visit off a few weeks.  I can’t go down next weekend because I have my mock trial competition Friday night, and if I am in the top four (not likely) I have to do it the next morning as well.

I took a three day class on economics and the law, specifically on the economic balancers in the new South African constitution, and I have to do a six page final on it this weekend.  I was going to do it down in Vancouver while Erik worked on his mom’s computer, but now I have to do it here at home, with 100 distractions.  I might head to the library at school so I can focus.  It will be nice to get this paper over with.

Amazing Race started this past Sunday, so I’m happy about that.  I wish it was on all the time (like Survivor).  It is my favorite reality show.

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Birthday Spa
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Today I’m going to Olympus Spa in Lynnwood with Brigitte for my birthday.  You get in free on your birthday, but they are closed on Sundays, so I’m hoping I can get in free today.  I spent yesterday with my family, and then relaxing and taking phone calls from the family who is too far to visit.  I got an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins which was really good, and Charlie sang me Happy Birthday all by himself (I got it on video!).

I’m going to do a Mock Trial competition on February 27th, which I’m looking foward to.  I enjoy doing it and I hope I can learn more about evidence while doing it.  Evidence seems to be the most important class I’m taking.

Erik and I have been putting pu Elfa shelves in his office and our bedroom.  This is a project we work on every January/February because the Container Store has a 30% off every January.  The bedroom looks particularly nice.  We ordered a recliner for Erik for his office which is supposed to arrive at the beginning of March.

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law school
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I have been sitting going on 6 hours now.  I hate Tuesdays.



Vancouver Speaks

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Here is a link to my IMDB page.

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blogging habit
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Blogging is hard habit to get into.  I have neglected my blog through the month August, namely because I forget it is here!  I am going to try to find a time of day that is good for blogging and maybe put a reminder up.  School is starting soon and blogging is a good way to keep my friends up to date with what is going on with me when I don’t have time to write them individually.

This month I had Charlie spend the night a few times.  We usually wind up swimming part of the time, playing Game Cube, sitting outside to watch the stars, watching the Good Night show on Noggin, and playing a game or two.  Charlie is getting really good at spelling and drawing.  He likes to draw and he often asks how to spell this or that.  One night we were looking at the moon and he said he wanted to go there someday.  I told him someone went there already and he said “who?”  I said Neil Armstrong.  He was all excited to see the video of this event so I showed him the clip from, but about half way through he walked away, another childhood mystery destroyed by reality.  I think he was disappointed there weren’t beasts or some fantastic landscape.  I’m projecting there though…

Last night I went to James Dold’s going away party in Belltown.  Today the condo-association-hired-painters are painting our door cornflower blue, then this afternoon Erik and I are going to DJ’s for his summer BBQ.

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oh my god
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school is only three weeks away.  What happened to my summer??

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Charlie’s Birthday Cake
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Birthday Cake


It was Charlie’s sixth birthday yesterday.   Yay!

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Big Brother 10
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Big Brother is back for its 10th season!  yay!  Here is a great place to get some Big Brother gossip!

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